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Do you know who your least active child is?

"We spend more each year on the treatment of obesity and diabetes than we do on the police, fire service and judicial system combined."

Why the FitKid?

Physical Education has long lagged behind its subject counterparts in incorporating the use of technology in the wider world into the classroom. Innovative, affordable and sustainable ways that do not increase teacher workload have been few and far-between.

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Innovative, simple, and affordable technology

The FitKid In Use

The Heartzones system has been used in the United States for 5 years across hundreds of schools. The system is used in sessions to educate children about the activity levels required to increase their percentage of time spent in the moderate to vigorous activity (%MVPA) zone during activity sessions.

How Does it Work?
We are keen to continue to develop research in this area, and have commissioned several studies in the next year that use our technology combined with a University in London.


Wearable technology in Physical Education is a hot topic for research in the past 3 years. Its increasing use in schools across the globe has sparked interest from academics to look at its use and effect.

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Exclusively designed by Physical Education specialists for use in schools.

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