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The FitKid in Use

Heartzones and Non Stop FitKid

The Heartzones system has been used in the United States for 5 years across hundreds of schools. The system is used in sessions to educate children about the activity levels required to increase their percentage of time spent in the moderate to vigorous activity (%MVPA) zone during activity sessions.

Non Stop FitKid have worked with Heartzones to develop the system further for All Day use. This enables schools to assess activity levels throughout the school day to identify the least and most active children and to assess the impact and sustainability of interventions on these groups of children and on individuals. The teacher has full control of the data without having a large administration load.

FIT Stars are displayed on the Big Board as a way for students and teachers to evaluate student performance during class. FIT Stars appear on students’ tiles based on the duration to the class, with a goal of earning 5 stars per class period.

FIT Points are earned based on the amount of time that students spend in the different heart rate zones. Each zone scores different amounts of points based on the intensity of the zone. The formula for FIT Points is: FIT Points = Frequency (F) x Intensity (I) x Time (T).

MVPA or moderate to vigorous physical activity is displayed prominently on display #2 of the Big Board. A burst is added behind the MVPA percentage when a student is above 50% MVPA.

No Chest Straps - The Heart Zones Blink 3.0 Sallows you to capture heart rate without a chest strap, making it comfortable, time saving, and easy to use.

Less than 10 Seconds to Start - Students can power up their sensors in less than 10 seconds with the Blink 3.0’s simple 1-button functionality.

Forearm Sensor not a Watch - Watches tend to be less accurate and more complicated for users. The Heart Zones Blink 3.0 S armbands are worn on the forearm for accuracy and comfort.

No Syncing or Downloading - Real-time data feedback through the Heart Zones PE App means no wasted time at a docking station downloading data or activating devices.

Affordable Price - Affordable price for the entire package and individual pieces. Comes with different options to fit different school sizes and budgets.

No Ongoing Fees - The Heart Zones System is a one-time fee so you don’t have to worry about continually dipping into your annual budget each and every month and year.

FREE Updates for LIie - The technology is future proof with FREE updates for life on the software application. As we continue to add features you reap the benefit at no extra cost.

Multiple Product Options - The Heart Zones System uniquely allows schools to choose between heart rate monitors and/or step trackers based on price and perceived benefits to the students.

Open System iPad Application - Our open system design allows you to connect nearly any wearable sensor of your choice. This means you are not locked into a proprietary hardware.

Personalized Step & Heart Rate Zones - Our federally patented heart rate methodology is the secret sauce that powers the personalization of heart rate zones for each student. Allowing you to accurately measure MVPA and FIT Points on an individual student level.

World Class Wearables - Our Heart Zones Blink 3.0 S and Heart Zones Strider sensors are two of the most accurate and technically advanced wearables available.

Robus Group Displays - Our indoor/outdoor “Big Board” data display has an appealing design that is easy to understand. It features three unique displays of individual tiles that teachers and students alike can flip with the click of a button in real time to show different data points.