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Why the FitKid?

The Heart Zones System Enables Smart PE

Physical Education has long lagged behind its subject counterparts in incorporating the use of technology in the wider world into the classroom. Innovative, affordable and sustainable ways that do not increase teacher workload have been few and far-between.In December 2016, the Department for Education produced the ‘Childhood Obesity’ paper. Many of the messages from this paper were striking for any individual or organisation working with young people – but perhaps the standout statistic was this:

"We spend more each year on the treatment of obesity and diabetes than we do on the police, fire service and judicial system combined."

With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand why physical activity, physical education and youth sport are on the current political agenda. This call to action inspired us to think well beyond the scope of what we had once considered. As a provider of Physical Education in schools, we have long sought for increased physical activity in schools, increased quality of physical education, greater and better training for teachers.

But this was clearly something that was even wider than this, something that had become difficult to control within school time no matter how many classes partook in a daily mile or an active go-noodle classroom session. Instead this had to be something that changes the hearts and minds of children, giving them the knowledge to make educated choices on their own health and wellbeing by educating them to have Whitehead’s ‘motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to want to be active throughout their lifespan’ (2010).